Shree Om Baba Ji

Social Education and Welfare Trust (Regd.)

Immediate Relief

When poor and needy people are afflicted from a hard stroke of fate, the team of Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.) helps immediately on site and lasting. This especially individual relief action is pulling wide circles among the needy.
With the highest care and accuracy our helping team determine the specific need of the poor and suffering people so that the help support can be as specific and fast as possible. Therefore, we especially take care of affected people who are completely powerless and defenseless against their hard fate without caring and financial support. This help is completely free for the suffering needy people and it is being carried out by donations received by the association.

Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.) is solicitous to help day and night quickly and heartily. Each aid project is proved conscientiously so that it is assured that every cent spent was is beneficial for charitable purposes.
During making tea this boy suffered from very heavy and painful fire violations in his face because of an explosion of the gas bottle. His face should be defaced for his whole life. Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.) took on this heavy fate of this poor little boy and with appropriate immediate measures he could experience relief. All the financial costs and the properly grant were made available to facilitate the extremely hard life circumstances of the boy. After a successful treatment not even one scar is remained, thanks to the immediate and unbureaucratic help.
Due to heavy storms the house of Mrs. Devi was almost completely destroyed.
As the woman now was completely destitute and at the same time without an insurance seeking help she got in touch with Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.)
The association team visited Mrs. Devi personally and visualized the bad situation. Immediate financial help was promised to arrange for the repair of the badly damaged house.
A newspaper report drew our attention to the following case:

Mr. Jagdish worked as a mechanist in a transport company on a daily basis when a tragic accident happened.
While repairing a bus the jack suddenly came loose and penetrated his spine. The spine was badly hurt and Mr. Jagdish was confined to bed for a very long time.
The costs of the rehabilitation as well as of the weekly treatments in the hospital are very high. The family has neither insurances nor other earnings. The wife is an illiterate and they have two children. After this serious accident food and other costs cannot be paid for anymore.

When Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.) found out about the heavy fate of Mr. Jagdish and his family they immediately agree to take over the monthly living costs.
Furthermore, all the physician invoices as well as the medical invoices were settled and also the required ambulance rides for Mr. Jagdish to the hospital.
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The little Nandita was born in August 2012 with a lip-jaw-palate column and she has serious problems with her ingestion, breathing, with hearing and speaking. To secure Nandita an appropriate treatment there is the need to operate multiple times. Unfortunately, the operations are time consuming and very expensive and rather a very high psychological burden for the whole family.
In their great need the parents hopefully asked our association for help and to solicit for financial help. Of course, the association took all the cost for the operations and today little Nandita is a happy child with best health.
Moreover Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.) has taken the costs for operations of affected people in similar cases to alleviate the serious circumstances of the families.

The poor old man has all of his belongings on his tricycle – however, this tricycle has no handlebar anymore. As the Sablok family happened to meet him he had given up all hopes. He had fever, his prosthetic leg hurt, he hadn’t eaten anything for days anymore and no one cared about him. The association now attended to his matter and immediately provided emergency aid measures.

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The 13 year old Vijay K. is ill with aids. His father died a few years ago. His helpless and overwhelmed mother gave her boy in the care of his solicitous grandmother.
When Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.) got notice of Vijay K. his eyesight was significantly bad. The association supports them financially so that the orphaned family is relieved from the treatment and livelihood costs.

The deep despair of this homeless mother and her ill child you can see in their eyes. To minimize their suffering family Sablok become active without hesitation and bring them a carefully composed helping package with nutrient food and personal hygiene products. Moreover, Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.) has taken all the costs for the child's medical treatment until it will be recovered. All of these is Godly relief for the mother.
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