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"Mobile Health" Vehicle

In the late summer of 2013 family Sablok and their volunteers founded the project "Mobile Health".
Hereby, their solicitous focus is on those sick and needy people, who live in areas which are difficult to reach to get medical primary care. These people, who are affected of great distress, partially live in isolated areas. They have to go a lot of miles barefoot in extremely heat on rough paths, to reach a medical station to get medical help.
Even with a strong will and encouraged with high effort it is sometime not possible for them and the money to buy, for example, a bus ticket is regrettably missing, too.
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The project "Mobile Health" is especially for the poor people, who have no chance to come by own power to the next village or to the next medical station. With this prudent solution the treating lady-doctor comes with a fully equipped minibus to the poorest and needy people.
For the positive promotion development of this project and for accelerating the concrete use of the mobile help. Family Sablok went personally and solicitous to the areas in the north of India in the spring of the year 2014 where the distress is on the highest point. It was a great heart desire of family Sablok and their team to identify especially carefully the areas with the gravest poverty.
The first "testing drive" followed directly, nevertheless. at this time the minibus was not completely fitted. Yet the medicines and several medical utensils were still missing, the little bus was immediately surrounded by poor people who urgently needed medical help.
Many patins come, for instance, with severe infections, injuries, open wounds or other complaints. They patiently wait up to three hours until the lady-doctor can examine them thoroughly. The caring lady-doctor is always solicitous for the health of all the sick people. When needed she offers first aid and patiently she takes time for all the presented issues from every single one.

This incredible experience and the indescribable need of the people gave us the courage to advance the equipment works of the car as far as possible and the needy people have the chance to be served contemporary with a regular medical primary care and necessary medicine. The costs are taken on by the association. If there is the need to continue medication, the association provides the needed medicine for free to the needy people, so that they can carry on taking the medicine at home. In this way the recovery can be ensured until the next check up is essential. The support of the people who are in distress is always personal, direct and unbureaucratic.

These especially worthy aid measures are accepted unchanged with an indescribably popularity. At the moment the minibus transports the lady-doctor with her medical utensils and the medicines. To satisfy the high demand of the poor and needy people, the association would like to invest in a bigger vehicle, in order to provide a treatment place in it and further technical treatment options.

Of course, the costs, for example, the medicine, the fuel, the car maintenance and the car repairs as well as the honorarium of the lady-doctor is taken on completely by Shree Om Baba Ji (Regd.).